Journeymen and women

Trade4Art is open to people working in any and all specialties.  The building trades, yard and landscaping, mechanics, care givers, are just a few of the possibilities.  We list journeypersons by trade, but remain open to including workers from all walks of life.  If you have a skill you would like to offer, please let us know!  Trade4Art recognizes the important contribution you make to Baltimore, and works to connect you with the beauty of Baltimore's cultural communities.  Click here to join the network.


  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Teachers/tutors
  • Writers (grant, press)
  • PR people
  • Painters
  • Caterers
  • Hair cutters, barbers
  • Yoga/fitness
  • Gardeners
  • Computer/tech support
  • Repair people/handyworkers
  • Auto mechanics