Trade4Art is a Baltimore-based barter network that connects artists with journeymen and allows them to directly exchange their skills, goods, or services without the intermediary of cash.

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Our Beginning

Trade for Art began as a grand dream and was made a reality by winning Crusade for Art's 2016 Engagement Grant, which provided seed money to start the program. 


“Trade for Art is an accessible, equitable, and sustainable way for members of a community to use their skills to meet their own needs.”

— Bruce McKaig, FOUNDER


How It Works

Trade for Art is a bartering network. To barter is to trade goods or services without using money. Make art? Or want art? Need a service? Or offer a service? You're in the right place. 

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Photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, design, decor - discover the beauty of Baltimore's best artists and consider making a trade for something special you can offer.

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Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, care takers, all types of workers are welcome to participate.

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Join the Network

Do you have art to trade or a service to offer? Join the Trade for Art network and start bartering for everything from car repair to dance lessons.

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